Thursday, 21 March 2019

Don’t Give Up On Math Yet

To those who have lost hope in Math, don’t give up yet. Once upon a time, when I was a secondary school student, Math became very difficult for me. It began at the end of Secondary 1. My grades continued to plunge until I failed quite terribly in Secondary 2. We didn’t have money for tuition and so failing Math was a real probability for me. However, a Mr Pei of Bartley Secondary taught E. Math in a clear and logical way that I was able to pick up some concepts. It gave me hope that I could pass Math if I worked very hard. And I did work very, very hard. At the end of Secondary 4, I scored A1 for Math.

Would I have gained if I had a good tutor then? Of course. I think I had spent too much time on Math. Studying it on my own, I sacrificed the other subjects. However, because I did it on my own, I comprehend Math concepts at a deep level, which is to my advantage today. Self-teaching oneself Math is not a joke but on my own, I guided, counselled and motivated myself at every step. This is what a weak student needs. (I looked out for my own needs, didn’t I?) Because of this, I fully understand the failure’s mind set. Many of them are searching for hope even if they do not claim to realise this. I have met some parents and students who have given up on hope. They only wish for not-so-bad a fail and if possible a just-pass grade. Do not behave this way. You know, when I was failing Math, I believed I could get an A. Improvement in Math grades begins with believing that you can score in Math, not only attain a just-pass grade. You got to believe in yourself.

If your child is weak, find a good tutor and fix the problem once and for all. The transformation can take place. You got to believe. The fastest transformation I have seen takes 1 to 3 months. However, many cases require a longer time – 6 months to a year. In fact, I have come to realise that many of the students who transformed under me need more guidance even after passing the Math exam.

My Math journey in the Secondary years has made it possible for me to create Breakthrough Mathematics, which is a teaching approach that transforms Math failures into successes. There is too much to explain about Breakthrough Mathematics. It requires a book actually. Anyway, if your child needs help and Tampines is not too far for you, you can consider my classes.