Monday, 3 December 2018

2 Decades Later: A Story About Tuition Centres

20 years ago, in 1998, I had set up my first tuition centre in Ang Mo Kio and a few years after that, Itchy Fingers sold it off – a mistake. Young and green, I had envisioned a string of tuition centres under me within 5 years, but the years passed without me getting close to my goal until recently. 20 years after setting up my first tuition centre, yes, I am starting my 2nd tuition centre, God-willing, this time in the east of Singapore (Tampines). Edupolis Education Centre is a tuition centre focussing on Primary 4, 5 and 6 students (English, Math and Science), and for 2019, all classes are taught by me.

20 years is a long time, and many things have taken place – gotten divorced, written many books, practised education consultancy in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, trained teachers and adults, written curriculum, created new teaching strategies/approaches, gotten married for the 2nd time, become experienced in business and God-willing, become much wiser too. In this journey of 2 decades, I experienced so many facets in education and  today, my mind is clear on what is needed for the positive revolution in the world of education. Transformative education is needed in every school, whether academic or religious. Transformative education can be achieved anywhere – in  any school, tuition centre, home, anywhere. It is the driver of the educational programme that must be enlightened. 

I remember my first tuition centre. I remember the students in my first centre. Calaine, Cason, Naresh, Ong Xuan, Joey, Joel, King Leung and many more. They must be in their early 30s today! I wonder how they are doing. We had our unique adventures in that first centre, In this centre, I experimented with the effective teaching  and learning of reading comprehension, and The Ultimate Guide To Mastering Comprehension book series was its by-product. Some may ask how this series have survived and even excelled after more than a decade. Psst! The secret is that it is not just another series of assessment books. Its long lifespan is due to its relevance and dependence of teachers and tutors on it for teaching reading comprehension. This book series is actually a teaching strategy in book form. That's why it has survived this long, by God's grace. 

I am now back, God willing. Experienced and wiser, do expect not only new teaching strategies from me but new teaching approaches too. Well, if you are a parent and searching for a P4, 5 or 6 tuition class for your child, watch the video above and explore the Tuition (Tampines) and Tuition (Bukit Batok)section. Perhaps Edupolis Education Centre may be the place for your child.