Sunday, 14 March 2021

3 Identical Strangers FIlm Points To The Right Direction


I was watching the beginnings of several documentaries to get ideas on how to start mine – The Impact Of Covid-19 On Singapore Businesses. Three Identical Strangers started in a simple way but its story drew me in, and I had to complete watching the documentary, which I did a while ago. It is available on Netflix by the way.

The questions posed and the views expressed at the end of the documentary must be deeply reflected upon. In the end, as a father and educator, it is my belief that nurture plays a more significant role than nature. Parents and educators make a fundamental difference to the growth and development of children. As I reflect upon the impact I have made on some students, I realise that having positive expectations and being kind and patient, have a powerful impact on them.

There is no such thing as a bad or hopeless child. All children can be taught and saved. Every child deserves umpteenth servings of hope and opportunity. We do not know which teaching attempt will actually succeed. So we must not give up.

Watch the documentary and ponder about this issue.