Social Work

About Social Work In Indonesia
Beyond tuition, I dream of making positive improvements and  changes to the education system of our world, especially in the not-so-affluent communities of Southeast Asia and other countries. In Singapore, I plan to dedicate a part of my life to helping weak Math students excel in both the primary and secondary schools, and maybe the bilingualism challenge. 
For more information about the Math venture, please visit Breakthrough Mathematics (Note: Website will be ready in mid 2021, God willing).

There are 3 types of international social work that I dedicate my life to:
i. Street-smart teacher training programmes & consultancy
ii. Effective educational leadership and school management training & consultancy
iii. Curriculum re-engineering

I dream of revolutionising the education system in our world, specifically Southeast Asia and the Muslim world. To bring change to anything takes time. Perhaps, the least difficult of the above 3 items to start is teacher training. There are thousands of schools in Southeast Asia where teachers require street-smart teacher training. The above video  (About Social Work In Indonesia) shows a clip from the teacher training programme in Pandeglang, Banten, Indonesia, with an organisation called Mathla'ul Anwar. I got to know Mathla'ul Anwar through the teacher training programmes financially sponsored by Temasek Foundation. 

As I conducted the teacher training programmes, I realised that many village schools in Southeast Asia and perhaps most of the 3rd World countries, require lots of help in the area of effective educational leadership and school management. To help me investigate this matter systematically, I have enrolled myself in a PhD course at the University of Malaya where I am currently researching for the solutions to the challenges of effective educational leadership and school management. 

The third area of concern is so difficult that I predict that the process of curriculum re-engineering would not be fully completed by the time of my death. I hope that by then the process is known enough by others so that they can continue the works. 
(Updated on 1st December 2020)